All users that download Davihesoft games & apps accept this privacy policy.





Davihesoft use the minimum number of permissions necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the applications and to display ads.


Davihesoft apps do not collect information about the location of your mobile device.



Davihesoft apps use Game Center and Google Play Services in order to show you a Leaderboard. Therefore, we do not collect nor process any of your personal data in order to show you a Leaderboard on those games; our partners do it, instead, so please refer to Terms&Conditions/Privacy Notes from them in order to know more about how they treat your data and your rights on that regards. Your consent to collect and process, in that case, would have been gathered by those providers when you subscribed to their services.



Davihesoft Apps do not collect any identifying data from kids.

Davihesoft Apps use for kids not personalized ads and without tracking.

Our apps are free to download and play,  we show ads in our games from trusted providers and in a responsible manner. The ads provider we currently is Unity Ads. 


Unity Ads


Privacy Questions
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